Ready to design better websites, stress less and earn more?

Is this you? You’re good at starting projects but struggle to finish them on time or within budget? Is it scary and frustrating, trying to explain your designs to clients? Do projects suffer from scope creep, an endless cycle of tweaks and design revisions? Your rates are low, but you worry increasing them will push people away? Work feels like it controls you, and it’s tough to feel confident in your abilities.

This could be you: Doing the work you love, getting paid what you’re worth and feeling inspired by what you do. Everything will start fitting together as you impress people with a process that delivers projects on time and earns you more. Clients approving designs faster, with fewer revisions, and viewing you as the expert.

Web design skills are now critical, and this is going to increase

COVID-19 has changed websites from ‘nice to have’, into essential tools for communication. Good design creates an emotional connection with people, allowing the primary message to be understood clearly.

Designable is for the
Creative Thinkers.

Web Designers — looking to improve your skills? Want to apply best UI & UX practices? Ready for more confidence in your work?

You will:

  • Understand what makes a useful website and never feel lost again.
  • Create a clear design direction and stop staring at a blank canvas.
  • Have a clear process to follow when starting a new project.
  • Gain confidence in the work you create.
  • Attract more significant projects and better clients.
  • Pitch your designs with clarity and stop the endless rounds of revisions.

Designable is for the

Freelancers, entrepreneurs & agency staff — interested in applying tried-and-tested processes? Interested in building lasting client relationships? Want more predictable, profitable and stress-free projects?

You will:

  • Be seen as a strategic partner and not an order taker.
  • Improve productivity while delivering projects faster.
  • Increase your rates and explain why you’re worth it.
  • Create a step-by-step process that showcases you as an expert with a plan.
  • Build recurring revenue streams and offer clients more value.
  • Get paid on time and stop projects stalling.

Content, courses and resources to transform you and your business

I started my web design business, Hidden Depth, 12+ years ago. I know what it takes to transform a creative business from a startup with zero clients; into a thriving, award-winning agency.

I’m sharing these actionable insights here — so you can avoid the pitfalls and take the fast track I’ll lay out for you .

The Profitable Project Management course starts soon.

I hope you’ll join this path for growth and freedom. To get an early bird discount when the first course lands, email [email protected] Tell me about your biggest challenge you want to fix. It could be design-related, about your business, your clients. Long or short, it’s up to you.

– Dave Meier (founder, Hidden Depth & Designable)