Absorb before Documenting – Deeper Conceptual Learning

Sometimes you need to dive deep into thinking as a form of learning. Don’t take notes, photos or video – just be there to absorb. Information can percolate in your […]

3 recurring revenue streams you can add to web design proposals

Adding subscription services to your web design quotes is a low-risk way of adding ongoing income, with very little extra work on your part. You’re already sending quotations for new […]

Review: note-taking app from a Roam Research users perspective

I’ve been using Roam Research as my knowledge management system (second brain) to log thoughts, meeting notes, book highlights and everything else. I’ve now established a ‘good enough’ process and […]

Fewer Clients, More Money: How to Add Recurring Revenue to your Web Design Business

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. If you provide web design, or another creative service, you probably create proposals tailored for each […]

Recurring revenue means one less website you have to create

There is a difference between ‘having to’ do something and ‘choosing to’ do something. When I started my business, all work was billed per project. Every month meant starting at […]

The biggest mistake designers make on their own website

When designing your freelance or agency website, the design is what sets you apart, right? Wrong! Design is one element that makes a good website. However, designers often overlook or […]

Web design niche – the why, what and how to choose

A niche is about narrowing your focus to a smaller specialised group. You’ll go from ideas everywhere to a laser beam focus.  Why you should consider choosing a niche Everyone […]

Organising files and folders for web design projects

Looking for that fantastic design file from 2 years ago but you have no idea where it could be stored? Juggling multiple projects and want to feel more in control […]

How to Establish a Website Design Direction

The start of a design project is exciting but also uncertain. We’ve no idea what the finished design will be. The endless possibilities can cause choice paralysis (like trying to […]