Master Recurring Revenue

A course to help you plan, deliver and earn recurring revenue from web design services.

  • 10 videos lessons
  • Follow-along workbook
  • 30-day goal setting plan
  • Revenue tracker
  • Subscription billing guide
  • 3 unique learning options
Course outline
Why take this course?

Slow and steady earns you more.

The average business will redesign their website every 4-6 years. There’s no guarantee they’ll come back to you for the redesign.

Design a client website and charge €5,000.   The customer value over four years is €5,000.

Add a subscription based service, billed at €250 per month. Over four years, you'll earn you €12,000, plus the initial €5,000 website fee.

That’s a four-year customer value of €17,000.

Typical website value over 4 years

Recurring service + website value over 4 years

Increase in revenue

Work with good clients, more often.

It's easier to do good work – when you work with good clients. Recurring income allows you to be comfortable saying no to the wrong projects and have more frequent contact with the good clients.

This builds stronger relationships, allows you to understand their business, audience, goals and process – increasing your value.

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No more starting at zero every month.

Instead, you will gradually increase your monthly balance. Every new recurring service will bring you closer to your monthly revenue goal.

Learn how to choose the right services for your business. Then, price, package and sell those services to new and existing clients.

My story

Recurring revenue will give you the control and freedom that a creative business needs to thrive.

Dave Meier
Dave Meier
Award-winning designer and creative business owner

I run Hidden Depth, an Irish creative agency. In the past, I created Picography, one of the most well known free photography sites. And now I'm building Designable — an online learning hub that helps transform how creatives sell, design, and manage websites and web services.

When I started my web design business – it was a feast or famine cycle. I either had too much work causing me to turn away projects. Or I was desperately waiting for the next big job to come in. My bank balance was on a non-stop rollercoaster ride.

Having no predictable income forced me to take on projects without being sure both sides were a good fit. This lead to personality clashes and stress. It made me doubt my abilities in design, sales and business.

The uncertain nature of per-project work meant when no new jobs came in – I still had bills to pay. It’s challenging to plan business growth when you have

Then, I began adding recurring services to web design projects. I figured out what services had the best margins, simple setup and were desirable for clients.

Every single recurring service I sold replaced stress and uncertainty – with predictability and confidence. Month by month, I gained more control over the projects and people I chose to work with.

Within two years, recurring revenue generated enough to pay my salary. That’s my wage paid before even designing one website for the whole year. If I can transform my business, you can too.

Course outline

Follow the process.
Put in the work.
You're ready.

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  • 01. Discover a need

    What problem are we solving?

  • 02. Research

    Solutions, opportunities, costs & barriers.

  • 03. Revenue Goals

    Revenue. Frequency. Deadline.

  • 04. Pricing for profit

    Do the numbers add up?

  • 05. Choose an audience

    The right offer, for the right person

  • 06. Package the offer

    Benefits compliment features.

  • 07. Billing made easy

    Make it simple for everyone

  • 08. Marketing

    Let them know this amazing thing exists.

  • 09. Selling subscription services

    Make it convincing and compelling.

  • 10. Tracking progress

    Are we moving the needle forward?

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who wants to increase or add recurring income to their business.

Recurring services will compliment and enhance the web design service you already offer. Learn how to combine recurring services with web design projects.

Charging a subscription for a service is not enough to succeed. A different approach is required to sell and deliver recurring services. Understand the mindset and strategy needed to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to subsciption based work or not. You’ll learn how to plan, sell and deliver recurring services.

Perfect for:

  • Freelancers
  • Agency owners
  • Sales directors

This is not a $5 ebook that promises to make you a million dollars without any effort on your part.

I’ll give you the plan and inside knowledge, but you are the one who has to apply the skills and make it happen.

To succeed, you should be ready to follow a tried-and-tested process, and want to build strong client relationships.

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Choose how you want to learn


  • All templates files
  • Revenue tracking calculator
  • Follow-along workbook

Workbook + Course

  • All videos lessons
  • Walkthrough videos using template files
  • All templates files
  • Revenue tracking calculator
  • Follow-along workbook
  • 1 year access and updates


  • Limited availability
  • Application interview for suitability
  • Mentorship and accountability for small groups or one on one
  • Video calls to answer your questions, review your plan and guide you to create recurring revenue

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