Notes are short, sharp, atomic ideas. They compliment and connect with each other, creating new ideas and enhancing understanding.

Calculate your Burn Rate

📆 Work weeks [WW] You only have a set amount of time for work each year. If you work 40hrs per week for 52 weeks you will have 2,080 hours […]

A marketing formula for transformation and change

Align your offering with the customer’s needs. 1. Increase the push away:Show how bad their existing product/service performs. 2. Increase your product magnetism:Promote how well your product solves their problems. […]

Consume and capture content with intention

Consuming and capturing content is easy but without a purpose, learning is a hobby. There needs to be an outcome and focus. You need something that helps you to better […]

Web design is a complex job of connection

You connect client expectations and offerings with customers needs and desires. You connect best practices and approaches from everywhere and apply them to your work. You utilise a skill set […]

People don’t tell you their budget

Why don’t people tell you their budget? 🤔 Sometimes people don’t have a budget. This may be their first time doing this type of work.  📢 They expect you, the […]

Dealing with client issues

Most people don’t wake up and plan to ruin your day. You’re not that important.  Difficulties are usually down to communication issues, unaligned expectations or personality clashes. Communicate Don’t bury […]

Actions After Win checklist

This is an answer to “ok, how do we start working together?” It provides a clear path for clients to follow and makes sure you only focus on the essentials. […]

Before we can start checklist

This checklist removes the excitement and impatience to get started – replacing it with a logical process to follow for every new project. Goals Get you what you need before […]

Essential metrics for recurring revenue

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), is the cost to gain a new customer. MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is the monthly recurring revenue or MRR is how much you charge a client […]

The difference between perception and perspective

Perception is how you interpret, imagine, believe, expect something. Perspective is your point of view. Since perception exists in a symbiotic relationship with action. Our perspectives come from our perceptions […]